Bergerat Used’s worry-free solution for servicing and maintenance.

The servicing and maintenance of your equipment can be complicated and time-consuming, which is why Bergerat Used offers you the option of entering into a Customer Value Agreement (CVA). As we know that each customer has different needs and requirements, we are happy to tailor your CVA to suit you.

What is a Customer Value Agreement?


A CVA is a hassle-free service contract between you and Bergerat Used. Our goal is to offer you support throughout the entire service life of your equipment and, in doing so, to safeguard your investment. Our Customer Value Agreement plans were developed to minimize downtime, reduce costs, increase productivity, and avoid unplanned maintenance costs.

We know that each customer has different expectations when it comes to maintenance and service, which is why we offer different CVA to suit everyone’s requirements, from receiving preventative maintenance kits up to a completely customizable CVA.


By choosing a CVA plan, you will benefit from:


Worry-free maintenance

With our CVA, you will receive genuine CAT parts where you need them and in time for scheduled maintenance. That helps you cut downtimes. No matter how you install parts, you will benefit from the highest quality components for your machine, which will help to extend its service life and, thus, to reduce the risk of other problems developing.


Easy health management

Bergerat Used offers you support throughout your equipment’s entire service life and offers an Equipment Protection Plan including troubleshooting, diagnostics, and repairs using genuine CAT parts. That is one way to limit unexpected costs and, thus, safeguard your investment.


Easy management of your equipment’s condition

With your CVA, you receive access to the CAT App and My.Cat.Com, where you can monitor the machines’ working hours, locate them, and receive key equipment condition alerts and inspection results via CAT Inspect. This enables you to prevent issues or downtimes.


A simplified financing solution

You have the option of integrating your CVA into your monthly equipment payment directly when purchasing a machine or you can also sign up for your CVA at a later point in time. This approach has many advantages: you get expert advice, it’s easy to buy genuine CAT parts, and payment is effected in a simple way.


Note : Available for customers in our territories (France, Belgium, Poland, Romania).



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CAT Certified Used

Be sure of the equipment you are investing in. All CAT Certified Used equipment has been fully inspected by our professional engineers. The equipment has also received all the proper services using genuine CAT parts. As a result, all CCU equipment is guaranteed to be as good as new.

Dealer Certified Used

For relatively recent equipment that can offer you comfort and production, we suggest our Dealer Certified Used equipment. These units are vigorously inspected and we guarantee their quality.

Financial Services

Finance can be complicated when it comes to investing. That is why we want to make it easy for you by offering the options that best suit your needs. As we are directly related to an official CAT dealer, we can offer and accompany you with CAT Financial services to help you finance your project.


To protect your investment from unexpected costs, Bergerat Used can offer you different types of warranties adapted to your equipment and to your needs.

Shipping all around the world

From wherever you want to purchase and receive your equipment, Bergerat Used will support you and arrange delivery at your convenience.

Known history of the machines

Some of our units have always been maintained by our technicians who provided the best care using their expertise and using only genuine CAT parts. Every service that has been done on these units have been fully registered which give you the opportunity to exactly know what your machine have needed overtime.

Detier machines

Our expertise and resources allow us to adapt our machines for the specific regulations that you have to cope with.

Bergerat Used labels

Bergerat used have developed four labels to characterize its units. This way, you will quickly have an idea on the quality level of the unit you are looking for.