CAT Certified Used

Are you looking for used equipment that is as good as new? Our CAT Certified Used equipment is just what you need.

Under CAT Certified Used equipment, we sell units considered to be “as good as new” based on several specific criteria. They boast many benefits that will offer you peace of mind while you concentrate on what boosts your bottom line.

Why should you buy a CAT Certified Used equipment?

We know that investing can be difficult and cause a lot of worries. We’d like to help by guaranteeing the performance of the equipment you would like to purchase. CAT Certified Used equipment has been thoroughly inspected and serviced by our professionals to reassure you that each item functions just as well as a brand-new machine. In addition, it comes with a back-up warranty from Caterpillar.


Highly Inspected

Up to 140 control points inspected on every item of used equipment. Should an inspection reveal a problem, our team of experts will perform all the necessary repairs using only genuine CAT parts. Our highly qualified team also performs all the necessary maintenance jobs, e.g., changing the oil and filters, so as to ensure the equipment is ready for use when it leaves our workshops.


Known service history

All CCU units have been serviced and repaired by Caterpillar experts using only genuine CAT parts. All equipment is sold with a full service record, allowing you to know what has been done on the machine.


The latest machines

CCU equipment is five years old at the most. These units offer you the latest technologies and functions just like a brand-new model. Buying used equipment doesn’t necessarily mean old machinery. With our CAT Certified Used units, you obtain a “good-as-new” piece of high-quality equipment and benefit from advantages such as improved productivity, comfort, good fuel efficiency, and much more besides – just like the features you’d expect from brand-new equipment.


Protected equipment

When you purchase CAT Certified Used equipment, you benefit from a Caterpillar Equipment Protection Plan, meaning you will be covered for more than 70 power train and hydraulic components in addition to the original factory warranty.


Certified Good-as-new

When our team performs the inspection, all control points must be judged to be “good”. That means that the unit is as effective as a brand-new piece of equipment, it has no mechanical or system issues, it has not experienced excessive wear and tear, and there are no safety issues.


Note : Guarantees applicable in our territories (France, Belgium, Poland, Romania).



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Dealer Certified Used

For relatively recent equipment that can offer you comfort and production, we suggest our Dealer Certified Used equipment. These units are vigorously inspected and we guarantee their quality.


To support you throughout the life of your equipment, we can provide any maintenance services your equipment may require. Our customer value agreements are designed to meet your needs. We offer multiple plans starting with the option to receive parts at your doorstep through to receiving a fully customized solution for your business.

Financial Services

Finance can be complicated when it comes to investing. That is why we want to make it easy for you by offering the options that best suit your needs. As we are directly related to an official CAT dealer, we can offer and accompany you with CAT Financial services to help you finance your project.


To protect your investment from unexpected costs, Bergerat Used can offer you different types of warranties adapted to your equipment and to your needs.

Shipping all around the world

From wherever you want to purchase and receive your equipment, Bergerat Used will support you and arrange delivery at your convenience.

Known history of the machines

Some of our units have always been maintained by our technicians who provided the best care using their expertise and using only genuine CAT parts. Every service that has been done on these units have been fully registered which give you the opportunity to exactly know what your machine have needed overtime.

Detier machines

Our expertise and resources allow us to adapt our machines for the specific regulations that you have to cope with.

Bergerat Used labels

Bergerat used have developed four labels to characterize its units. This way, you will quickly have an idea on the quality level of the unit you are looking for.