About us

Bergerat USED specializes in the used equipment industry and offers you an extensive stock of used equipment spanning many different models, ages, and brands. In addition to selling used equipment, the company also offers a wide range of additional services that could help you to buy, sell, or maintain your equipment.

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Bergerat USED is a Monnoyeur company and also directly affiliated with Bergerat, an official Caterpillar dealer. This reliable network gives Bergerat Used the capacity to respond to our customers’ needs in a variety of fields.

Bergerat USED has sites in France, Belgium, Poland, and Romania, but also offers its services all around the world.

Our team of experts have all the necessary knowledge and resources to assist you with all the necessary steps.

Our history

Bergerat USED can trace its origins back to 1906 and the founding of Hy. Bergerat & Cie, nowadays known simply as Bergerat. The company was initially specialized in the sale of industrial equipment, until becoming an exclusive Caterpillar dealer in 1929.

Always with the aim of being able to respond optimally to the needs of its customers, the Bergerat Monnoyeur family business has established numerous subsidiaries over the years, ultimately forming the Monnoyeur Group.

An official Caterpillar dealer since 1929, Monnoyeur distributes, rents, and guarantees the maintenance of all the products and services supporting its customers both in France and abroad. For example, the Group offers capital goods solutions for construction, energy production and motorization, agricultural machinery, material handling solutions, construction digitalization, and industry digitalization. With more than 7,500 employees, Monnoyeur has the resources to continue to innovate, support, and facilitate its customers’ projects.


Our expertise

Bergerat USED was founded with the aim of constructing a network specialized in used equipment.

The company benefits from Monnoyeur’s significant resources, allowing it to support clients in a wide variety of fields.

Bergerat USED’s mission is to offer its customers an extensive selection of machines and tools, notably in the construction, material handling, agriculture, and forestry segments, which are available for sale all around the world. In addition to selling equipment spanning many different models, ages, and brands, the company also provides purchasing services and maintenance services for the equipment sold.

Its affiliation with Monnoyeur and Caterpillar via the official dealer Bergerat also allows the company to offer its customers a wide range of solutions along with the corresponding support in areas such as financing, digitalization, etc.

Following Monnoyeur’s example, Bergerat USED aims to assist and support its customers by providing them with solutions in a variety of fields.


Our values

Trust forms the basis for every purchase or sale of used equipment here at Bergerat USED. A subsidiary of Monnoyeur and affiliated with Bergerat – an official Caterpillar dealer for more than 90 years – Bergerat USED stands for professionalism and loyalty. In addition, we guarantee that the quality of the equipment you purchase is the quality of the product you will receive. As a matter of fact, the company certifies all its machines and tools.

In addition, in line with Monnoyeur’s mission, Bergerat USED aims to provide services customized to suit each individual’s needs. This is possible because our team of experts is professionally trained and has access to all the resources and solutions of Monnoyeur and Caterpillar. As such, in addition to selling you equipment, the team can also provide you with certifications and warranties, financing solutions, purchasing options for your equipment, and much more besides.




Our Team

Sonia Durand Ribeiro

Purchasing and Export Sales Adminitration Manager
E-mail: sonia.durand@b-m.fr
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Sergio Touris Noriega

Used/Rental Director
E-mail: sergio.touris_noriega@b-m.fr
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Serhii Mykhats

Menedżer ds. eksportu maszyn używanych
Adres e-mail: serhii.mykhats@b-m.fr
Biuro: +
Tel.kom.: +

Mustapha Guarraz

Export Used Equipment Manager
E-mail: mustapha.guarraz@b-m.fr
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Mobile: +

Nicolas Montpellier

Export Used Equipment Manager
Email : nicolas.montpellier@b-m.fr
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