Consign your machine


Are you looking to sell your equipment but still not quite convinced by our purchasing service? Bergerat USED also offers you the option of consigning your machinery, regardless of the age, model, and brand.

Why consign your machine to Bergerat USED ?


  • The machine remains your property

The machine remains your property until the sale is concluded. If you are not sure if you want to sell your equipment but would still like to know its market value without taking any risks, consignment could be the perfect solution for you.


  • You benefit from Bergerat USED’s network in France and abroad

By offering your machine for consignment at Bergerat USED, you benefit from the visibility of our network both in France and abroad. Your equipment attracts more potential customers, and you thus have a better chance of securing the best price.


  • We take care of the whole transaction

We take care of the whole transaction, guaranteeing you a safe and stress-free experience.


  • Transparent transaction with a fee set in advance

Before selling your equipment, we agree on the commission Bergerat USED will apply. That ensures you don’t find yourself faced with an unpleasant surprise when concluding the sale.

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Sell your machine

We know selling equipment can be difficult but selling it to our experts will make your experience much easier.

At Bergerat Used, you can choose the service that will best suit your needs for you to let go your unit.